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Media Relations - ECA specializes and excels in media relations with extensive bilingual capabilities in securing both news and public service placements in the print and broadcast outlets. The firm provides outstanding writing services, hard news and feature material alike, as well as direct communications services through one-on-one editorial conferences. 

Reputation Management
- Firm principals provide reputation management to both individuals and corporations who have undergone or anticipate a change in reputation. This can include counseling, focus group research, media interviews, as well as charitable actions.

Corporate Communications
- ECA also specializes in investor relations, labor relations, and government relations for the corporate client. This includes development and analysis of communication to stockholders, the professional investment community and government leaders, as well as employee relations including policies and procedures assessment, image awareness and internal and external communications tools.

Community Affairs Counseling
- ECA advises when to stay out of the public eye and when to demand attention, what makes a good community activity and what does not, which association can help and which can hinder a public relations effort. Everett Clay Associates offers community affairs counseling with special emphasis on public opinion analysis, image enhancement and political liaison intervention, whether for the private or non-profit sector.

Social Media
- The firm utilizes various forms of social media to monitor trends and gauge public opinion, as well as influence public perception and interest, providing another venue of visibility for clients. By identifying the appropriate social media platform our clients' target audience is actively participating in, ECA can use that medium as another vehicle for news distribution, in addition to traditional media including print and Web. Through the use of social networking tools, such as Facebook fan pages, ECA can generate interest in special events and promotions, while encouraging consumer-driven content and citizen journalism. 

Marketing and Special Events
- ECA is experienced in planning and promoting special events, whether for new product introduction, geographic expansion, increased services or in conjunction with major sales blitzes and product promotion. Services include:  complete planning and communications development, publicity, special events, promotions and point-of-purchase identification.

Crisis Management
- The firm also provides complete crisis communications to the media and the public and can assist in developing a crisis management plan. In addition, the firm can media train executives and spokespeople. Because of the nature of crisis management, an ECA representative is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Research/Planning/Analysis - Demographic analysis, public opinion research, competitive climate appraisal, pre-marketing assessment and impact evaluation are offered by ECA for such activities as product promotion, major expansion programs, new services, image enhancement and public positioning.        

Graphic Design and Production - ECA's creative staff offer complete collateral services: logo design, brochures, annual reports, company newsletters, sales materials, specialized invitations, visual displays and PowerPoint.